I am a Compositing Artist, Over 7 years of experience in post-production Visual Effects industry. Working on TV commercials and Feature films. I am focusing on compositing, lighting and matte- painting. I am very self-motivated and always enjoy learning something new. I always try my best to produce a quality works.


Compositor | VHQ Post Singapore | March 2016 – Present VHQ Media

Basically I am a Nuke Compositor and usually I doing seamless, integrate all of the shot, including live-action and CGI using NukeX and Conforming Finishing using NukeStudio. And another hand I taking care of Prep part example Roto Clean-up Touch-up, Camera-tracking, Camera-Projection and also Solve Camera for supporting 3D Department. Plus Autodesk Flame for conforming, EDL/XML support Online Artist.

Compositor | Kantana Post Production Vietnam | March 2015 – February 2016 Kantana

My primary responsibilities is "Nuke Compositor" work directly to CG Director for seamlessly integrate all the layers or elements of a shot, including live-action and computer graphic elements. Lighting and Rendering Artist is my secondary responsibilities (MtoA and V-Ray for Maya).

Compositor | The Post Bangkok Co., Ltd | July 2011 – February 2015 The Post Bangkok

Compositing 2d & 3d seamlessly integrate all the layers or elements of a shot, including live-action and computer graphic elements. Work closely with Visual Effects Supervisors to composite the numerous elements that complete a visual effects shot.

3D Generalist & Compositor | FutureDC Co., Ltd. | February 2010 – October 2010

Maya modeling, lighting, rendering and compositing (Fusion, After Effect).


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) New Media at Mahasarakham University (Faculty of Informatics) | 2006 - 2010


Fluent in both THAI-ENGLISH spoken and written.


Conforming, finishing, keying, rotoscoping, BG prep and paint out, set extensions, 2D & 3D tracking, 3D projections, camera projections, colour correction and gizmo development.
Maya | V-Ray renderer | Arnold renderer
Modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, camera projection, multi-passes and multi-layers rendering.
PFTrack | Mocha Pro
2D tracking, 3D camera tracking, object tracking, rotoscoping and clean plate.
Adobe Creative Suite
After Effect | Keying, rotoscoping, 2D & 3D tracking, motion graphics, and colour correction.
Photoshop | Photo retouching, texture painting, design.
Premier Pro | Editing.
Illustrator | Create vector imgages, preparing artworks.
Dreamweaver | Web development including this website.
Basic C++, AutoIt for auto batch scripts.
Python for Nuke tool development